FullSizeRenderOne of the most interesting procedures – from medical point of view  is Stem Cell Facelift. This   non-surgical procedure is using fat mixed with stem cells for recontouring face.
During this treatment stem cells – usually from lower half of our body are taken to treat specific face  areas. The point is that stem cells are obviously type of cells that can be found in body in natural ways and because of their versatile properties, can develop into other types of human tissues. So here we are with the option of a complete facial rejuvenation procedure without involving surgery.  The main role of Stem Cell Facelift is to restore the beauty of youthful contour and shape of face and marked improvement in colour, tightness and quality of our skin.
What makes this procedure unique? Well, definitely it is the fact that fat and stem cells are mixed togheter and all this proces is helping cells and tissues to restore the face volume and improve the skin texture in spectacular way.
In this post I will show general idea of the Stem Cell Face Lift, share some medical information and give you the best reviews. I am really fascinating with the results that has been presented in many publications and definately I am finding out this procedure as worth considering.

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IMG_4406This is probably one of the best and revolutionary treating loose sagging skin treatments that offers quick recovery and gives us slow but spectacular results. It can improve over a period of 2-7 months as new collagen grows, giving further lift and “rebuild” the skin.

Is it really worth it?? The answer is YES. PDO Threads Lift is in my opinion more effective and long lasting than Botox and other fillers – of course the best result we can get through skillful combination of all treatments, but if you looking for some gentle contour lift, reducing nasolabial, marionette lines, double chins, and expect fresh, natural effect the answer is PDO.

And maybe it is a brave and pointed argument … but I think that it’s a very thin line between “saving” young face and become a “monster”. If you read my previous posts about fillers-hyaluronic acid, botox and other treatments you realize that according to information that I possessed this could help our look to get back or just stay fresh but “too much” can be worse than nothing!!!! Botox is generally used to reduce wrinkles – caused by overactivity of face muscles and it is good only for some parts of our face just to smooth them gently. However Botox doesn’t treat the wrinkles, it prevents them!!

So here we have Hyaluronic acid that is used to reduce facial wrinkles and lines and refresh and hydrate our face. Both dermal fillers and botox, with doctor control – do amazing job but they can’t treat sagging jaws and cheeks, they just can’t “save” the face.. this is role of PDO Threads therefore I would like to present you my review of PDO based on knowledge, observations and aresearch and share some of my  experience that I belive can help you.

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Not fashion blog basically … however I will share here trends that I find out totally beautiful because I just can’t resist not to mentioned about things that attracted my attention. Hair Accessories. Absolutely spectacular and extremely beautiful fashion trend that we can observe this season with the greatest designers. Zuhair Murad , Chanel, Dolce&Gabbana, Givenchy  and many others are proving how feminine and spectacular is this direction.

Yes!!!! Hair Jewelry accessories still popular as ever! One of the most beautiful trends, very feminine and subtle. Hair jewelry is “must have of this season” Its alternative for regular decoration and let us to use our creativity in making beautiful coiffures. Looks absolutely stunning and trendy. I am absolutely in love with this trend.

Hair decoration seems to me a bit freaky beach look or ball – this season not. I am truly inspired by propositions found out from internet. Simply beautiful. Cufflinks, elastic band, eraser, hair slide become fancy or even masterpiece of art! Depends on event you can combine your hair decorations with your daily look and create breathtaking stylization.

Romantic bows, floral hair accessories, elastic headbands, charming ribbons, breathtaking ancient Greek tiaras, bobby pin …. All these amazing jewelry are back and have evidently enchanted many designers during the spring 2016 fashion shows. Just total hair-mania!!!

Here below I find out some artistic and absolutely ongoing inspirations of hair accessories. They look stunning with casual, sexy, night-out or big party look. Totally hot with small black or just to upgrade our basic outfit.

High-street shops, bazaar or small old shops can offer all these beauties, which will create dazzling image of every fashion lady. Take a look. I truly hope that my choice will inspire you.

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FullSizeRenderVery important part of anti-aging philosophy – to keep your brain young and supple You can train your memory, you can do one of a million activities that challenge and excite you, and pay attention on your good mental health condition YOU just simply CAN prevent brain aging same like physical. These both processes mutually depend and can give us spectacular effects.

In all this mechanism very important factor is motivation – which gives us power for action despite adversity and inspire us to create way of living that we really want. I have mentioned many times that both internal and external beauty works together and depends on each other. It’s extremely important topic of my blog.

Absolutely it doesn’t mean that you can’t be happy and successful without perfect look. Everybody feels different about them and got other goals that’s way meaning of beauty is very individual thing. So obviously if you feel happy with yourself you ARE beautiful creature !!

What I would like to ‘prove’ inter alia is amazing and unbelievable power of your mind in creation process, in way of becoming who you really want to be. How physical beauty can change under the influence of positive changes inside us. I’m truly obsessed with this mind process because this process is extremely beautiful and that is why I am writing about it here.

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67That feeling when you know what type of lipstick exactly you want but going through every brand, can’t find proper one… and suddenly you got it – the beautiful shade of nude matte pinky…To achieve perfect natural glow, the right lipstick is a must for balancing your skin tone and avoiding cheap or too intensive effect.

I got some favorite in my cosmetic case. If it is all about the beauty I always know what I want so never choose the brand – I chose what I am looking for. And it was the point – I just couldn’t find a classic, nude, matte powder pink lipstick – in shadow that I was thinking about. Accidentally I saw cosmetic stand in the mall – Vipera Cosmetics… I really like to try new things so went there, described my object of desire and I found what I wanted. I know it’s hard to get shade that suits perfect. It’s very gentle thing that we have to be very careful about, because it’s really easy to look cheap in pink. Very important is also your own natural lip color. So here we are things aren’t as easy as they seem to be.

There are many makeup tricks to make your lips look fuller and more sensual , there are a lot of different and amazing brands, that offer a lot of solutions for the best lips look ever!!!! I really like to share my opinion about  young, still unknown and absolutely spectacular brands that I’ve discovered. I am  picky about makeup cosmetics and I am absolutely impressed about Vipera Cosmetic – Polish brand. They have spectacular shades, colors palette and a lot of innovative products that are worth to try on.

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FullSizeRenderStaying fit, keeping our body in good shape and health condition is obviously one of the “secret” how to stay  young. “Secret” that we all know about but not always  pleased to follow this idea. And it is mistake because there are many reasons and benefits why sport exercise should be a part of our lives. Every meaning of making everyday sport is like finding the fountain of youth – not only because of body shape but mental state as well. English philosopher, Sir Isaac Newton said” A body in motion stays in motion”. And this is all about: “to stay in move…keep moving forward” in every aspect of our life. We can start slow, step by step but we can’t stop … This simple smart idea in combination with stubbornness and patience will let us watch how our mind and body start to change. We live in times when people are all willing to have the best, healthiest and most beautiful body possible. Fitness industries are making billions of dollars every year on supplements, advices. Lifestyle tips, fitness equipment, gyms, and special diets. . It is really helpful for us because not only motivating us for sporty lifestyle but showing how to do that right.  Internet, TV, Billboards there is always some intriguing commercial asking for money to help us get into shape. Celebrities, influencers, instagram beauties, models, businesswomen, artists …everybody admit: Yes I go on the gym!

The idea of staying fit is simply amazing!!! Isn’t this great that we develop awareness of our body to become better and better? We are society of competition on every stage of our humanity, its somehow great but obsessive drive to perfection could be frustrating – especially when you swiping perfect pictures of pure beauty on and on. Seems like it’s the other side…and you are sooo far!

What I’m trying to show you in my posts are that all these things that we are dreaming about and want to achieve it’s a long term process full of failures, hard work, disappointments and routine daily tasks and boring habits. Sometimes extremely exhausting process but  – POSSIBLE!!!!

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